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light source

Light Source is a programme of 12 monthly talks and workshops exploring
witch hunts and ritual performance hosted by artist Amy Kingsmill

leading to her memorial performance piece Light Source which will be

performed in 2022 at Colchester Arts Centre, and The British Library as 

the finale of our day festival exploring the themes of these talks further.

LightSource brings light to lost histories of persecuted people, primarily
women, and honours them. It explores the use of body performance
techniques and approaches them as an expanded context that includes the
practice of queer people and women, while creating a space to share
these techniques and histories.

Light Source Engages with social histories of powerful women, goddesses,
queer rites & rights to connect people. Working from my own personal
experiences & that of other queer people & women who have dealt with
persecution the project engages with the concept of Witch as source of
light, knowledge & healing whilst simultaneously exploring the very real
killing of thousands through the witch trials & other forms of persecution.

Light Source brings British history to life in an unforgettable way,
combining art & history in a way that’s informative & engaging. Bringing
this to sites of Witch Trials enables communities to engage with their
history in a unique way, and acts as a memorial. The piece is
educational and disentangles British history from folklore.

This project is funded by Arts Council England.



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